Course Syllabus

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Syllabus - Mesa Canvas Learning Center (PDF)

Course Description

The Mesa Canvas Learning Center has been created to support Mesa employees who need to learn Canvas at San Diego Mesa College. The course is an introduction to the Canvas tools for assessment, interaction, and content delivery. This is an open-entry course; it's designed to flexibly provide Mesa employees with an opportunity to learn Canvas. 

Course Setup

This course is fully online, self-paced and completely optional. It has been developed as a training option for employees who need to learn Canvas at San Diego Mesa College. This course will be complemented with face-to-face and online workshops available to Mesa employees. Participants are strongly encouraged to request a Practice Canvas course shell from District @ Form for requesting a Canvas Practice Shell from District

Course Objectives

Participants who complete the modules in this course will be able to:

  • Navigate Canvas
  • Build assignments, discussions, and quizzes in Canvas
  • Develop content in Canvas
  • Communicate with other Canvas users

Course Facilitators

todd-and-katie.jpgKatie Palacios is the San Diego Mesa LOFT Instructional Designer. She has taught courses on Canvas for @ONE, and she is excited about supporting Mesa faculty through this transition. Email Katie @

Todd Williamson is the San Diego Mesa LOFT Instructional Lab Technician. Todd has already helped faculty transition from Blackboard to Canvas, and he can help you too! Email Todd @

The Mesa College LOFT is San Diego Mesa College hub for professional learning. To learn more about the LOFT please visit



Course Content

This course was created by the Mesa College LOFT, but we've relied heavily on Canvas Guides, which are text/video support materials provided by Canvas. We encourage you to use the Canvas Guides to get your questions answered. 

Canvas Instructor Guide (Table of Contents)


Currently there are 6 modules of the Mesa Canvas Learning Center. They are:

  • Module 1: Canvas Basics
  • Module 2: Discussions, Assignments, & Rubrics
  • Module 3: Quizzes
  • Module 4: Grades & SpeedGrader
  • Module 5: Canvas Content
  • Module 6: Canvas Communication Tools


The assignments in this course are mostly meant to track your progress through your Canvas course development. They'll ask you to use the information in the module to work inside your Practice course as an instructor.

  • Module 1 Assignment needs to be submitted in order to open up the other modules.
  • Assignments for Modules 2 - 6 are meant to be used to track your progress through your Canvas course development

Submitting Canvas assignments will also help us to provide individual support should you need it. Submitting assignments and interacting through the Grades comments will also give participants practice with that interaction tool in Canvas. 

Support Resources

If you need support with developing your Canvas course, here are the options available to you:


This course will remain available for as long as participants need it.